MUSIC MONDAY 25/04/2016

It’s music monday and instead of sitting on the tub this morning picking my favourite tracks for the week to help me through the monday blues, I laid in until 9am, woke up to enjoy a full breakfast (made by yours truly) and catch up on reality TV and personal emails. Yep that’s right. I had the day off work.

I actually go on holiday to Spain tomorrow, so being sensible and kind I treated myself to an extra days annual leave to spend dossing, working on some music and begin to start packing before we depart tomorrow.

So back to Music Monday, today, and for the past week or so I have been utterly and entirely obsessed with Drake – One Dance. I mean, it’s on loops on my journeys into work. I’ve been watching cover and cover on Youtube all week and then I eve decided to cover it myself on Sunday.

After watching many covers, I can say that Conor Maynards is my definite favourite versions. A link to this is below, you must check it out. I’ve also included my version which is on my youtube channel and also available for download on my soundcloud! Enjoy…




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