Inspiring FRIDAYs

So last night myself and two friends went to an event called Raise the Bar where we had some drinks, yummy bites to eat and then listened to two very inspirational talks for two very successful women.
You may or may not have heard of the Cambridge Satchel company. Well Julie Deane, founder of the Cambridge Satchel company spoke us through how she built her business from £600 into a multi million pound business. The main root of her story is she basically had very little time to make the money she needed, so she didn’t stop until it happened. Stories like Julie’s are evidence that hard work is the key to success. Not money, not a huge team of highly skilled people to get you started but to just persevere. She also gave some tips on how she got what she wanted, which were so useful. Hearing these stories on how realistically it can happen to make something become a reality with the right attitude is so motivating and I’m pretty sure everyone there last night went home and wanted to make a handbag, I know I did!

The other lady to speak was Collete Dunkley. Collete spoke about the differences in the male and female brain and the science behind the differences in decision making and the way we work. This was fascinating to learn that the women are able to multi task more due to our left and right sides of our brains being connected and men’s not. Strange ay! This research that she shared with us was extremely useful within marketing. We learnt that, women being more emotional (sometimes), the way in which we respond to certain questions, remarks and queries must differ from male to female.

So last night were two speeches that was absolutely necessary to hear. And then this morning I came across a video on Facebook which just made my day a little better. Prince EA – everybody dies but not everybody lives.

If you get a chance today then definitely check it out –


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